Requirements to be an “active” ARES® member

PLEASE NOTE:  We love for South Carolina AROs to join Georgia ARES and participate with us!!

Step 1:  Active ARES® membership

To become an active ARES member, you must do three (3) things:

(1) Fill out an registration form  

and either . . .

  • U.S. mail it to John MacDonald, K4BR – 100 Tennis Court Cir – Waynesboro, GA 30830
  • or scan/email (.pdf only please) to

(2) Pass the “open book” Georgia ARES® Basic Communications Test (free) 

This test takes only about 45 minutes.
All info required to pass this test is in the study material.  There is no time limit on the test.

The test may be found at
The study material may be found at 

(3) Commit to participate in activities from any of the following on a regular basis, but as available of course: 

    • Section Emergency Test – happens about every two years.
    • Accept an assignment to join a medical facility team on “first-Sunday-of-the-month” afternoons and during “events” as available.
    • Attend Skills Day September 14, 2019
    • Attend the GA State ARES® Meeting in Forsyth in January if available.
    • Attend the “CSRA Digital Training Day” when it’s offered.
    • Possibly other activities of which you will be notified in the future.

Level 1 and Level 2 ARES® members

The information on this page is applicable only for AROs in these Georgia and South Carolina counties: Burke, Columbia, Glasscock, Hancock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Taliaferro, Warren, Wilkes and neighboring counties in the CSRA of South Carolina.       

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (or just ARES®) is a corps of trained amateur radio operator volunteers organized to assist in times when there is need for emergency communications.

Being an ARES® member in the 21st century requires a certain amount of training and also participation.  There are two levels of ARES® membership in the Georgia State Amateur Radio Emergency Service® – Level 1 Operator and Level 2 Operator.


If you’re not already an ARES® member, please join now!

1. Download the form
2. Print the form
3. Complete the form legibly
4. Sign & date the form
5. Then . . .


● Scan the completed form to .pdf (please scan to .pdf only), attach it to an email & send it to:

or you may:

● U.S. Mail the completed form to:
John MacDonald, K4BR
100 Tennis Court Cir.
Waynesboro, GA 30830-6629

Questions?  Call John at 706-466-5646.