Mutual Assistance Team

What Is the Georgia ARES® Mutual Assistance Team?

Georgia ARES Mutual Assistance Team (MAT) is a rapid response team tasked with assisting Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service® teams across the state of Georgia and the adjacent states of Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. MAT serves as a team of well-trained and vetted communicators that are ready to assist our served agencies, hospitals, and the state of Georgia as well as our sister ARES® organizations in the region.  Our mission is providing resources for auxiliary communications support.

The ARES® MAT concept recognizes that neighboring section’s local ARES® resources can become overwhelmed in a large-scale disaster.  Members may be preoccupied with mitigation of their own personal situations and are unable to respond to local request.  Accordingly, ARES® MAT stands ready to step in as a short or long term resource for auxiliary communications support.

Georgia ARES® needs volunteers who are ready to serve and eager to sharpen their communications skills.  
Please start by sending your name and a brief note of your interest in ARES® MAT to your District Emergency Coordinator (  Your DEC, EC and the ARES® MAT leadership are happy to assist you in qualifying for this exciting assignment.

How It Works:

  • MAT members must meet all requirements to possess the GA State ARES® badge:
    Please note that you do not have to purchase the Georgia State ARES® badge.
  • MAT volunteers are individuals selected from the ranks of Georgia’s local ARES®. Candidates must have advanced training skills, including being qualified for, but not necessarily purchasing, the Georgia State ARES® badge. 
  • The current program offers a team of three to seven-members. Each team includes a crew leader with two to six radio operators ready for deployment anywhere in Georgia.
  • All members must become specially trained operators who have mastered a wide range of digital modes and voice/net control communications support disciplines.  

Benefits of Membership:

  • Enjoy a chance to join in a diverse training experience not available locally for many members.
  • Participate in the camaraderie of working with other ARES® members from across the state and in adjoining states.
  • Become a valued addition to the local resources where local members are often necessarily taking care of their own families and neighbors.
  • Become a member of a crack response team whose expertise is sought after by multiple served
  • Experience opportunities for networking while becoming familiar with the workings of the state
    resources and leadership.
  • Experience opportunities for advancement in ARES leadership.

The Teams:

Alpha Team

Members have advanced training skills, are masters in a wide range of communications specialty requirements, and ready for field deployment.  The Alpha Team is assigned to all GEMA State Operations Center deployments.

Bravo Team

Members who provide support for the Alpha Team deployments. Team members also hold advance specialized training with Winlink, D-STAR, FLIDIGI, HF, and other communications support modes.

Charlie Team

The training group where less experienced ARES operators can work toward advancement

of their skills. These individuals work with a mentor to help achieve their goals.

Actual disaster deployment or public service experience is a must to qualify for joining the Charlie Team

Local Emergency Coordinator and District Emergency Coordinator approval is required.


Contact your DEC: John MacDonald, K4BR at