D-STAR & HF nets

SE DSTAR WEATHER NET – every Sunday, 2100 EST, DSTAR Reflector 002A

Gets about 65 voice check-ins and 24 DRATS check-ins from the SE states.  All DSTAR radios are capable of doing DRATS.


West Central Georgia ARES® D-STAR Net – everyone welcome – every Monday, 2030 EST on DSTAR Reflector 030B.


GEORGIA DSTAR PUBLIC HEALTH NET – every Thursday, 0830 EST on DSTAR Reflector 030B

Gets between 20-30 check-ins every week.


Georgia Hospital Net –  First Sunday of every month – 1430 DSTAR REFLECTOR 030B

First Sunday of each month:  Georgia Hospital Net.  We will begin with a DSTAR net at 1430 on reflector 030B, hosted by Steve Jonas, K4SDJ in Savannah.

The digital net this month will be via Winlink Express.  Please be prepared to send an IC-213 via Winmor or Packet (NOT Telnet) to Bret Smith, W4HBS.  NOTE: Include in the ICS-213 operators name, call, and if you are “on-site” using the hospitals equipment or are “off-site”.  All traffic received will receive a response.  The Winlink Hospital Net will run before and throughout the DSTAR and HF Nets (1400 – 1600).

The Frequencies we will be using are listed below

80 Meter Voice – 3.982.5 LSB, 80 Data – 3.583.0 USB;

40 Meter Voice – 7.282.5 LSB, Alternate 40 Meter Voice – 7.188.0 LSB; 40 Data – 7.083.0 USB;

20 Meter Voice – 14.330.0 USB, 20 Data -14.085.0 LSB.

Please add these frequencies to your radios so that you will be ready.

When the HF net starts at approximately 1515 we will begin with the Primary 40 Meter Frequency (7.282.5 LSB).  If conditions are poor, at 1525 we will shift to the 80 Meter Primary Frequency (3.982.5 LSB).  If conditions are still not usable, at 1535 we will shift to the 20 Meter Frequency (14.330.0 USB).  If we still can’t be heard, we will start all over again on 40 meters. 

Please note there is a 10 minute time to establish contact on each frequency before we shift to the next.  If you haven’t heard the net, try the next frequency listed at the 10 minute interval.  We will use DSTAR 030B to coordinate frequencies as they shift.